When Will We See Geeplogs?

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Roland Piquepaille writes “In “The merging of GPS and the Web,” Kurt Cagle raises interesting issues. Right now, there are not enough standards to really integrate global positioning system (GPS) and Web applications, but they are emerging. He first looks at map applications, like a mall description. Cagle also talks about a new language to be submitted to the W3C, the GPSml markup language, which would be used to describe, routes between two locations. This can open the road for new Web services due to the association of one element of GPSml with a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). Of course, this kind of information and services could potentially be used by marketers who would be able to track individual shopping habits. Finally, Cagle thinks that we’ll soon see geeplogs (short for GPS-logs) through the use of the RSS specification.” [These geeplogs] will be the GPS equivalents to blogs, in which a person could narrate a specific tour with his or her relevant commentary, possibly with photographs or video feeds.” My summary of the TechRepublic story contains more details.”

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