Camera Is The Killer App For Mobiles

While I hate the term “killer app”, it appears that the camera is definitely helping sales of new mobile phones. A new study suggests that the camera, along with cheaper prices, are the two main reasons why people are upgrading their phones. Now, once MMS interoperability issues are really ironed out then sales should really take off. If all your friends are complaining that they can’t send you pictures they took, it gives you even more incentive to go out and buy yourself a camera phone. Update: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… this competing study from Jupiter says that people don’t want camera phones. They don’t want phones that play MP3s. They just want inexpensive simple phones that handle voice calls well. Of course, they both might be right. People may say they don’t want such things, but as they discover the usefulness of camera phones, they apparently start buying (if they’re cheap enough).

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