Dutch Group Stops Boycott Against Epson

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A few weeks back, the Dutch Consumer Association issued a statement suggesting a boycott of Epson products after a study that suggested Epson was forcing people to throw out cartridges still full of ink. Now, however, the Dutch Consumer Associations says they’ve changed their mind, and that Epson has convinced them they’re doing nothing wrong. In fact, says the Consumer Association, the remaining ink in the cartridge is necessary for the printer to work properly. It appears that the folks from Epson have been busy campaigning about this one. Of course, that doesn’t explain the results of the original study, where people got around the forced replacement, and continued printing for quite a while with that same residual ink.

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Comments on “Dutch Group Stops Boycott Against Epson”

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1 Comment
LittleW0lf says:

Epson Tactics...

More than likely, a phone call from Epson’s legal department got them to change their mind. This is the same sort of tactics I’ve seen after I exposed printer security issues in various Manufacturer’s printers a while back. One company threatened lawsuits, another tried to get me fired.

Of course, I outlived at least one of those companies. The paper is available at http://members.cox.net/ltlw0lf/printers/, or on freshmeat.

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