Canada Tells Phone Companies To Split DSL, Phone Service

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The Canadian equivalent of the FCC has apparently come out with a decision today telling phone companies that they need to offer DSL to residents – even if they’re not phone service customers. What’s odd is why companies need to be forced to do this. Here’s a case where customers actively want one form of service, and are being told they can’t get it unless they bundle another service they don’t want. These telecom firms are basically actively turning customers away. Of course, what will happen now is that they’ll take the Comcast approach. You’ll be able to order them separately, but it will be ridiculously expensive to do so.

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Comments on “Canada Tells Phone Companies To Split DSL, Phone Service”

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1 Comment
anonymous wimp says:

more competition?

From the article, it sounds like the gov wants the consumers to order their dsl from any provider they choose. The same way you would choose a dial-up isp regardless of what phone company you have. what may happen is the phone company charges a fee for using another DSL provider, which would be complete BS.

How this actually plays out will be seen in the coming months.

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