WiFi Spamming Hype Again

We first discussed the problem of companies putting out fear-mongering press releases about spammers using WiFi to stay hidden last September. At the time, it was the ISPs who were doing the fear-mongering, trying to convince people to stop sharing their WiFi connections with their neighbor. Now, the security companies are picking up on it as yet another reason why you need to hire them to come in and secure your network. Here’s yet another story saying that (oh no!) spammers could use WiFi to stay hidden. Note the “could”. No one has yet come up with any evidence that a spammer has done this. Since most spammers have found offshore, spam friendly ISPs to handle their duties, the idea of one sitting in a company parking lot slurping WiFi all day long seems a bit far-fetched. It makes sense that people use hotspots for file sharing, because downloading a few songs doesn’t take a while. However, a true spam operation involves a constant connection with spam going out (unfortunately) 24/7.

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