People Enjoying SMS Spam In India

from the shocking dept

Every article you see these days about things like “chain letter spam” is about how angry it makes people. However, it appears that some folks in India have a different attitude towards such things. There’s a growing trend to send along those incredibly annoying “pass this on to 10 people for good luck” type messages as SMS spam – and most people don’t seem to mind – or at least that’s what the article is implying. They even say that the mobile phone companies may be starting a number of these “SMS chains” themselves, because it seems to be encouraging people to use SMS text messaging. I don’t see this is any different from the same crap that gets forwarded via email, except that this article is suggesting people like it. They talk to one guy who says he received a few sarcastic or angry messages in reply, but he doesn’t care, because “luck” is coming his way. Apparently, the gullibility virus has made its way into the text messaging system in India.

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Comments on “People Enjoying SMS Spam In India”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Koro World

When the lower castes in India have access to text messaging, I’m waiting to see what kinds of mass hysteria it will spawn. In the past, we’ve had koro epidemics near that part of the world:

In rural India, “good” women don’t go to the bathroom until after dark, so we might see mass hysteria about women who went to the bathroom during the day and died of a terrible disease.

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