Ray Lane Says Oracle-PeopleSoft Is A Bad Deal

from the taking-potshots dept

Just as yet another top exec at Oracle is pushed out, News.com is running an interview with Ray Lane, the former COO and President of Oracle (who also got pushed out). In the interview he talks about why he thinks the Oracle-PeopleSoft deal is a bad one, and has some choice word’s for his former boss. I guess it’s no surprise that a former Oracle exec is making fun of Larry Ellison, as it seems like they all do so after leaving. Lane is quoted saying, “Ellison has an ability to say things and cause the press to react. That’s what he’s best at, not at developing products.” He also thinks that most PeopleSoft customers will bolt if Oracle completes the deal, meaning that they’ll have spent billions of dollars on absolutely nothing – since Oracle has made it clear they’re only buying PeopleSoft for the customers.

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