Putting Mary Poppins Under Surveillance

from the good-or-bad? dept

With all the talk of security cameras and spying on people, Salon is running an interesting article about parents who use “nanny cams” to check up on the nanny they hired to watch over their children. The article discusses a few cases where the parents caught the nanny doing something bad, and ended up firing her. However, it does raise issues of privacy. Of course, it’s a private home, and the parents are the employer, so they can do whatever they want. There is still the “expectation of privacy” issue. As someone in the article points out, if you don’t trust the nanny enough that you feel the need to spy on her, then why hire her in the first place? On the other hand, there are some nannies who like it when there’s a camera – though, they prefer to know about it. They talk about how it allows the parents to check up on the kids during the day, and covers for them in case of a mishap that wasn’t their fault.

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