Direct Marketer Taking Down Spammers

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We were just talking about how the Direct Marketing Association has been doing a sneaky job of redefining spam to suit their purposes. Fast Company is running an article that looks at this issue, by pointing out that they basically want to get rid of spammers, so that their own member companies can spam in peace. However, the more interesting part of the article is that a direct marketing expert (he once sold a company of his to the DMA) has built the Inbox Defense Task Force, which is a company designed to track down and punish spammers. Their goal is to teach companies and government agencies just how to track down and shut down spammers. Sounds like an interesting idea. There have been some “vigilantes” who try to shut down spammers, but for the most part, tracking down actual spammers is such a pain that most people don’t bother. So, if this group can make it easier, and have a real impact on the spamming community, it sounds like it could be a good thing.

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