Love In The Age Of Spyware

from the ED-TV-of-the-next-millennium dept is running a short fiction piece called Love In The Age Of Spyware, which is more a comment on reality TV than on what’s traditionally known as spyware. In fact, it’s really just a technologically updated version of the movie ED TV, letting “subscribers” constantly follow everything that certain “subjects” are doing, including getting to feel what they feel. The “subjects” are accompanied by a series of robots that are run by an artificial intelligence system. The fictional story raises some points about what a world might be like when everyone can constantly be spied on all the time, which has been covered in other places, as well, such as David Brin’s The Transparent Society. Despite the questions on privacy that come up here quite often, I highly doubt we’re going to reach such extremes. Still, an interesting read.

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