Please Ignore Business Users When Launching 3G

A good argument from The 3G Portal as to why wireless carriers should avoid targeting “business users” in their various 3G launches. Many technologies try to focus on business users on the assumption that they have more to spend – and thus, it will be easier to capture higher margins initially (hopefully justifying the insane capital expenditure they just went through). They then hope it will trickle down to consumers. While there are some examples where this pattern worked, it seems like plenty of technologies are going the other way these days. Get early adopter consumer support, and move from there into the business realm. As the article says, the biggest problem with focusing on business users is that when the network launches, it’s never robust enough for the corporate environment – leading to plenty of complaints and dashed expectations. Let the much more forgiving early adopters bang out the problems, and then let the technology creep up into the business world.

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