Mobile Internet Ready To Take Off?

Is the mobile internet ready to take off? We were just reporting that most mobile phone users didn’t care about surfing the internet, and now Forrester is predicting that the “mobile internet” is poised to take off. They say that 3/4 of all people will be surfing the internet on their phones by 2008 using 3G connections. There doesn’t seem to be much of an explanation for why they believe this is true – and how they’re defining “mobile internet”. Does it count if you’re surfing the web via your laptop connected to a 3G network? Does it count if your sending MMS messages? What about WiFi? How does that fit into all of this? I’d file this one alongside all the other useless predictions made by these big name analyst firms. One thing you can be sure of, no one at Forrester will pull this report out in 2008 and explain why they were wrong.

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