Entrepreneurial Drive Revives In Silicon Valley

from the walking-up-and-down-Sand-Hill dept

If you see enough news articles saying that Silicon Valley is optimistic again does it make it true? Silicon Valley seems to do nothing quite so well as to swing an extreme pendulum. Everything is either great or terrible, and there’s no room for anything in-between. During the boom years of the late 90s, we wrote posts making fun of all the overhype and suggesting things weren’t as good as they seemed. During the bust years from early 2000 until now, we’ve been saying things aren’t as bad as they seemed. Now, suddenly, the pendulum may be shifting back again. Suddenly, the press wants us to believe that Silicon Valley is flowing again. This simply isn’t true. Yes, venture capitalists are opening up a bit more, and yes it appears that the worst is over, but that doesn’t mean everything is rosy again. As is always true, some of the current conditions are good, and some are bad – and the savvy entrepreneur knows how to exploit the good and minimize the bad.

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