Accuses Rival Of False Advertising

from the the-leader-in-hype dept

One thing you notice if you (unfortunately) have to read press releases and/or marketing material on a regular basis is that (believe it or not) every company out there is the “leader” in some market – even if the market is so narrowly defined as to only include that company’s products. It’s almost a joke, these days, and I usually wonder why anyone bothers to include such ridiculous language in their marketing materials. Well, it appears that takes it so seriously that they’ve filed a federal complaint against rival for saying that they were the “leading web-based sales-focused CRM solution.” Meanwhile, a third competitor, Salesnet, has smartly put out a comment saying “It’s disappointing that the latter two have chosen to focus their energy on squabbling for attention rather than delivering value to their customers.” I’d say that company is the leader in opportunistically spinning stories about their competitors to focus on themselves.

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