Independent Musicians Set Up Their Own Download Site

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A group of independent musicians in the UK, realizing the ridiculous RIAA policies concerning downloaded music have done them no good, have decided to set up their own music download site. They let anyone listen to streams of the music, but if you want to get an actual download you have to pay a small fee (based on a credit system, where you buy credits for a certain number of downloads). The musicians get 50% of any fees received. On the whole, I like this idea, and it’s good to see musicians (a) taking a stand against the RIAA and (b) getting a good cut of any of their own music that is sold. I do wonder, however, how carefully all of the musicians involved have thought about this. I have nothing against musicians trying to profit off of their music (in fact, I encourage it). However, as independent musician, they need to decide which is more important: getting more attentions/fans or directly profiting off each download. If you give away your music free, you make it easier for fans to share your music and to attract a larger base of fans. So, if a musical act is just trying to profit now, instead of grow their base of fans, then this seems like a good solution. However, if they’re looking towards the future, and are hoping to build up a larger base of fans who will help them sell out stadium concerts, perhaps it’s not the best method. Offering up free online music lets smaller, independent musicians compete with the big, RIAA-supported, acts who get all the radio play.

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