Cybersecurity Laws Expected

from the but-who-knows-what-they-look-like dept

A slightly mysterious article over at PC World says that we should get ready for cybersecurity regulation, but no one knows what it will look like. This, of course, makes me nervous – since the government doesn’t have the best track record in this sort of thing and, so far, has shown a tendency to misunderstand and/or overhype the threat. The one good point that is made in the article is that it’s better that the government try to figure out what they need to do now, rather than come up with a knee-jerk reaction at some future moment following some sort of attack. However, that assumes that the answer they come up with now will actually help, and not make the situation worse by putting all sorts of useless, burdensome requirements in place.

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Comments on “Cybersecurity Laws Expected”

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1 Comment
Saygin? says:

Author a bit vague on timeframe

The author fails to mention, or at least doesn’t make, clear that this event took place yesterday.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) and the Center for Strategic & International Studies hosted the forum which took place the morning of July 10th on Capitol Hill. The advertised topic of discussion was “government and industry efforts to advance e-government, as well as the important role of information security as an enabler of e-government and e-services.”

The event was invitation only. And the context was how information security could move other E-efforts forward. Given the context, Putnam seems to be seeking to reassure the audience that “something” is being done on Capitol Hill.

Contrast that comment with Clarke’s accusation of inertia on cybersecurity efforts a few days earlier.:

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