Choose Your Own DVD Adventure

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As video games become more movie-like, is it any surprise that movies may be becoming more video game-like? A Canadian company is working on a technology that would let you turn a DVD into a “choose your own adventure” style interactive story. Basically, the movie rolls along, and at certain points you’re asked to make a decision what to do. The DVD then skips to the right spot and fills you in on what happened. Of course, this pretty much limits any release using this technology to the home video market – unless they follow the path of the movie “Clue” from the 80’s, which was made with three different endings (different theaters randomly showed the different endings). I wouldn’t think this particular technology is too complicated. However, it still seems like video games moving up to more immersive story telling have more potential, than movies moving towards interactivity.

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Comments on “Choose Your Own DVD Adventure”

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MissinLnk says:

History...failure...doomed to know th


Hehhe…sorry about the yelling, but I can’t be the only one that had a thought close to that. Anyone remember those goofy VHS/board game hybrids that were out there in the late 80’s? You’d play part of the video, then site down and play the board game for a while to determin what part of the tape you would view next, then fast-forward and play some more of the VHS tape…pretty weird stuff, never very well executed. Or how about those retarded SegaCD and computer FMV games of the early 90’s?

This could work (Dragon’s Lair…), but it really depends on the content. I almost think this is a solution looking for a problem. This could be interesting…but why do I get this feeling that all the content that will end up using this technology will be on par with those early 90’s FMV games?

Maybe I’m wrong though. Maybe they have a kick-ass story in the folds that is the actual reason for creating this technology. Then again, after reading the story it sure doesn’t sound like it.

thecaptain says:

Re: History...failure...doomed to kno

You’re right of course, 10 years ago it was badly implemented and frankly the technology wasn’t there.

But now the technology IS here. I can totally see the concept of those games on DVD, no more “fast forwarding/guessing” to the next stupid scene. DVDs general can run a pretty sophisticated interface (my SO totally enjoyed the games that game with the Harry Potter CDs).

I can’t say that content will be any better or worse of course…just that the technology supports the concept better today and that it has a chance to be pretty good.

Jordi NYC says:

What About I'M YOUR MAN (1992)

APPERENTLY if I put a URL to the movie reference in Yahoo Movies, THAT SOMEHOW MAKES ME A SPAMMER. So I’ll just tell you to look for “I’m Your Man” and 1992 on Yahoo. Amazon has it to, but the year it lists is 1998.

It was this terrible “interactive movie” they showed in New York at Lowes 19 St. East. Little remote controll thingies built into the armrests allowed the viewers to vote on what direction the movie took at certain points.

Of course Dragon’s Lair, Train 999, and that other terrible anime-based laserdisk game (no fingers, no fingerprints) predate this by over a decade, and therefore deserve the title of “first interactive movies.”

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