Blame The Video Game… Yet Again

from the easy-scapegoating... dept

A few months ago we wrote about a video-game obsessed lawyer who likes to take every single case of violent kids and figure out a way to blame it on video games. It appears he’s up to his old tricks, as a news report about the kids who planned a Columbine-style attack near Philadelphia heavily talks up the connection to video games made by the same lawyer. The entire “connection” appears to be that the kids had a club with the same name as a very obscure video game. The guy also says they must have been acting out a scene from Grand Theft Auto, because they tried to use swords in the carjacking attempt that got them caught. Apparently, you can carjack cars in the game with swords. Slashdot does a good job making the connection between the obsessive lawyer and his blame-the-video-game tendencies – and includes a number of links to other stories about his previous attempts to associate random crimes with video games.

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