Mobile Phones Fail To Win Surfer Support

There have been plenty of studies like this one, but the latest one confirms that there’s been little change. Most mobile phone users don’t seem to care about accessing data on their mobile phones. Only about 8% of UK users (where mobile phone use for things like text messaging is much higher than in the US) used their phones to access internet data. For most people, they don’t really see the point, when they can get to an internet-connected PC without too much delay. The tradeoffs of immediate access with a much slower, flakier, pricier connection displayed on a tiny screen just don’t seem worth it. What a shocker. The problem is that mobile phone companies haven’t realize that people aren’t going to jump on the 3G bandwagon to access the same thing they can get at home. Getting people to use the data side of their mobile phone requires letting them do something special that they can’t do at home on their PC. That means using the mobile phone for connecting to others when you’re out and about and perhaps location-based offerings. People already have the internet, they’re not going to rush to their mobile phones just to get the same info.

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