Dating The Friendly Skies

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I have a few friends who work for airlines, but I have never heard any stories like this one. Written by a former America West employee about current America West employees, it talks about how the combination of free flights and internet dating are turning plenty of America West employees (almost entirely male) into jet setting bachelors. They search through the various dating sites, with no concern about location, and use the free flight into town to romance the object of their affection. Even though they admit it costs them less than a drive across town, they say that it seems incredibly romantic to the women. They even admit that this system often makes for extra cheap travel plans, since the woman will often pick them up at the airport and (sometimes…) provide a place place to stay. Many of the men admit that they simply pick a location they’re interested in visiting and then go searching for potential dates. It occasionally backfires, but for many it’s a fun, cheap trip with the “benefit” of a local guide. There are some great disapproving quotes from an America West spokesperson, but it sounds like the reporter didn’t have much difficulty digging up example cases (though, since he worked there, it sounds like many of the examples are his buddies). This story may even beat the serial proposer who proposed to nearly 50 women he met online, but didn’t actually get to fly out and meet any of them.

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