More Computers In Schools

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While not everyone is thrilled with the idea of putting computers in the hands of every student, it increasingly appears to be the direction many school systems are moving in. Here are two stories about two very different communities that will soon have more tech-savvy kids. First, folks in rural northeastern Arkansas are part of a new pilot program to put “Free Pads” in the hands of every student, no matter what grade they’re in. It’s a little unclear from the article what the technology is behind those Free Pads, but they apparently cost about $450 per device, and it sounds like a tablet computer of some kind (though, one of the kids expects to be able to put it in his pocket). Part of the reason for this program isn’t just adopting technology for the sake of technology, but to use it as a way to study whether or not such things are actually helpful for kids. Meanwhile, over in Van Nuys, California they’re building a high tech charter school, which is supposed to help students learn math, science and engineering. The entire high school building is being built from the ground up to support uses of technology – suggesting that it will be obsolete long before the first entering class graduates. Update: As for the “Free Pads” a little research turns up the answer. Looks like (as expected) a modified tablet PC, designed specifically for schoolroom use. As someone in the original article stated, it appears to be just a much more modern version of a slate and a piece of chalk.

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