Wired: Mixing Romance And Tech

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As if there haven’t already been enough books put out by “insiders” telling the story behind the rise (and usually fall) of their dot com. However, the latest one, following the story of Wired Magazine, called Wired – A Romance, sounds like it might actually be interesting. Amusingly, the book is being reviewed by Wired News, which is now owned by Lycos and is technically separate from Wired Magazine. The reviewer admits that they came from the same family, but none of the people discussed in the book still work there. While there have been plenty of stories about dot coms and such, Wired Magazine really was the original chronicler of the tech boom in the 90s, and no matter what your opinion of the magazine (then and now) it definitely had a real impact on many people in the tech world. Update: Meanwhile, Business 2.0 is running an excerpt that is worth reading. Update 2: Business 2.0 has stupidly decided to change without warning and are now charging for their content, something they weren’t doing this morning, so you can no longer read the excerpt.

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Comments on “Wired: Mixing Romance And Tech”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Oh yes, the naive days

When what was it, the internet was supposed to tear down national borders and bring about world peace? Everyone was supposed to turn into a vegan hippie because they were exposed to “the truth”. The notion of working by the hour was somehow supposed to become obsolete, and we would be perfectly productive workers from home.

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