A Puzzling Broadband Slugfest

from the why-bother? dept

With all the attention being paid to Oracle trying to buy PeopleSoft, Business 2.0 is suggesting that Carl Icahn’s attempt to buy Global Crossing via XO Communications (which he recently bought) is even more bizarre. Basically, it would involve combining two telecom companies that are struggling mightily and who are unlikely to benefit from any synergies. Some are suggesting that the plan is to combine the two companies and then quickly sell it for a profit – but that would assume that people wouldn’t realize that it was really a tacked together company made up of two failed companies heading nowhere fast. Update: My apologies. Somewhere in the last few hours Business 2.0 (at the command of AOL) has changed their policies and made it so you can only read their articles if you pay. Clicking through takes you to a “pay for access” page instead of the article.

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