New File-Sharing Sites Hide Users' IDs

from the pushing-back dept

As expected, new file sharing services that promise to make their users more anonymous from the prying eyes of the RIAA are already popping up. At what point will the RIAA realize how backwards their strategy has been? The more they criminalize the intent of their own customers, the more and more difficult they make it for them to actually offer the customers something they want. Instead, everyone is tunneling deeper and deeper away from the “industry” take on things. A few years from now, this will make a stunning case study of how an industry did everything wrong when it came to dealing with a disruptive technology.

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Comments on “New File-Sharing Sites Hide Users' IDs”

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Anonymous Coward says:


I appreciate the heads-up. While I’m not a big file-sharer, (I have under 200 songs), I’ll probably try out Blubster.

Of course, they can’t go after Canadians, can they? Maybe you’ll see a bunch of Canadian university students taking up the reigns… pretty ironic how the file sharing traffic didn’t decrease that much.

Big question – will there be a spike in sales over the next 8 weeks as they hand out the lawsuits?? If so, they’ll likely pursue this tactic… quick, everybody stop buying CD’s for the next two months…

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