Fighting Back Against The RIAA's Misguided Plans

from the it's-about-time dept

Apparently it took until the RIAA announced plans to actually go and sue its own customers for people to realize it might be time to really fight back. The EFF is announcing plans to put out an ad campaign supporting the right to use file sharing tools. They have put up a site mentioning musicians who are profiting from embracing the internet rather than suing customers. Meanwhile, another group of musicians have put together an open letter to the RIAA saying they don’t want their fans sued in their name. There are some great quotes in the letter: “Just because the major labels haven’t figured out a way to make money out of the internet doesn’t mean that individuals who have shared music should go to prison, or be forced into bankruptcy…. With its collective failure to understand the internet, or the benefit it derives from the peer to peer networks that have sprung up in the vacuum created by that failure, the industry has now turned to desperate methods. Suing your customers one by one is not a business model.”

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