Don't Call The Do Not Call Site

from the problems-everywhere dept

Well, with all the excitement over the launching of the national do not call list, it appears it caught many people unprepared. The server apparently got knocked out, as the FCC didn’t quite believe that just about everyone in the world wanted to get their damn phone number on the list. Even worse, there are some stories that the emails the list signup system sent out to verify that you don’t want to get bothered by telemarketers was blocked as spam by many major email systems. Apparently, the choice is yours: telemarketing calls or spam?

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Comments on “Don't Call The Do Not Call Site”

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Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

I signed up and used my Yahoo address. Yahoo did not filter the message to junk mail. It was in the inbox.

Not that I expect it to really make a difference in my telemarketing volume. I have an unlisted number, and frequently use a fake number when some form asks for a phone number. Most of my telemarketing calls are from the telcos anyway, who are exempt from the regulations.

Glenn says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

I signed up fine and dandy. One thing that I hesitated on was putting in my cell phone number. Currently I receive no telemarketing phone calls on it, but as it becomes — more and more — the only phone I use, I expect that to change one day. My concern is if this list can be widely viewed, and telemarketers that are small and difficult to track down abuse the information listed on the list.

Bob Dole says:

No Subject Given

Telcos are NOT exempt from the Do Not Call list, only non-profits are (charities & politicians). The government actually did prepare for the volume — that’s why only half the country was allowed to sign up (west of the Mississippi) via the phone number. Why waste money on hardware that could’ve handled that level of one-day traffic? The blocking doesn’t begin till October anyway.

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