Do Not Call List Sparks Call For Similar Spam Plan

from the can-it-be-done? dept

The tremendous hype over the national “do not call” list opening up has made some start up (again) the calls for a similar “do not spam” list. The problem, of course, is that any such list is very likely to be abused, rather than adhered to. Most spammers cover their tracks pretty well anyway – and many would see a national “do not spam” list as the perfect database of people to spam rather than the other way around. Most spam people get these days already fraudulently claims that you opt-in at some point or another, so any spammer will just make the same claim (since “prior business relationships” will be exempted) and will keep right on spamming, with the knowledge that your email address must be real, since you put it on that list. It would be a fun experiment to put a brand new “clean” email address on such a list and see just how long it takes to get spam.

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