Intel Adding Support For Dual Band WiFi

A couple months back there was some discussion as to whether or not Intel “blew it” with wireless by releasing a Centrino chip that offered 802.11b instead of 802.11g. At the time, I argued this was ridiculous – since the (g) standard hadn’t even been set yet, and the number of people it would make a difference for was minuscule. Well, now the (g) standard has been set, and Intel has announced that instead of (g) chips, they’re going to be offering dual mode chips that support both (a) and (b). I’m not sure what the point is. Almost no one is using (a), so the added benefit is tiny – but they’re going to charge nearly twice as much. They say they will get around to having (g) Centrino chips by the end of this year.

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Comments on “Intel Adding Support For Dual Band WiFi”

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1 Comment
Ian Forrester says:

Adding support for dual band

Could be something to do with Intel putting tons of RnD into 802.11a. They even have many wireless base stations which are based on (a), and we actually deployed them for wireless bridges a year or so ago.
Maybe a mistake on our part, but you can see why Intel want to squeeze as much out of (a) as possible.

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