What Inventions Would You Create To Change The World?

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Earlier today I posted a story about ten inventions Newsweek thought might change the world. However, those are inventions that people are already working on and not what kind of inventions people really want. The DaVinci Institute asked that question, and they got quite a number of interesting (and amusing) answers. A self-cleaning house certainly sounds nice, but do you really need plaid spray paint or caffeinated eye-drops? How about “instant sleep”? You walk into a little chamber for a few seconds of shut-eye, and come out completely refreshed. Of course, I wonder how well that would work with the “dream recorder” – to make sure you remembered all your dreams. Fun stuff to get you thinking. Of course, I swear I’ve heard of a bunch of these before, so I wonder how many are really original – and how many are stolen from science fiction stories or elsewhere.

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Comments on “What Inventions Would You Create To Change The World?”

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steve poling (profile) says:

force fields, gravity planar, etc.

what i’d like to see invented is a decent science fiction force field. with that gizmo, we could have practical fusion reactors.
that’s my 2nd invention I want, Mr. Fusion that turns coffee grounds, banana peels, skanky beer into 1.21 gigawatts of electricity.
my 3rd invention would be a practical “gravity planar” that reflects or redirects gravitational force. i want to drive a car that doesn’t depend upon tire traction to accellerate. (remember cornering is a form of accelleration.)
bonus points for a replicator that doens’t make tea earle gray, but duplicates CDs at an atomic level. Maybe let you “edit” the replicated thang to fix cracks/damage in the original. i break off a bolt on my lawnmower, recover the broken bits, edit out the damage, and instantly fab a new bolt. Oh, and i’ll edit out the softness of the steel that contributed to the break. Let’s try this in titanium…

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