Behind Harry Potter Delivery, Months Of Plotting

from the and-yet,-people-still-got-fired dept

I’ve heard from a few people who were amazed at the efficiency of the various delivery services getting the latest Harry Potter book on their doorsteps early Saturday morning – the day of its release. The Washington Post is looking at the planning that went into the delivery process of a book that is setting all sorts of sales records. Of course, the article misses out on the story of those who may get fired for accidentally delivering the Harry Potter book a day early.

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Comments on “Behind Harry Potter Delivery, Months Of Plotting”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Is it just me?

Am I the only person in the entire world who looks at this and says “It’s just a f***ing book, people!”?

I hope that Scholastic, Amazon and everybody else who’s gone nuts trying to push this crap as being the greatest thing since sliced bread, lose a ton of money in the process.

The book was available for download to anyone with internet access *weeks* ago.

lor says:

in Italy it arrived late

I checked at the bookshop saturday morning and couldn t find any, was told by a journalist friend of mine that truck drivers in most case refused to deliver the books according to the schedule set by the publisher and therefore many bookshop were left without, but couldn t find any official confirmation of that.

Chris says:

No Subject Given

Yeah, I’m sure we all want to read a 900 page book on screen – or as a PDF. 900 pages would easily consume 1 if not 2 ink jet carts – that alone will cost at least as much as retail on the book.

The big deal around the lauch date was mostly marketing – no different than NBC closely guarding the Friends season finale. You don’t NBC would go bezerk in the same situation?

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