VeriSign Dodges Fraud Messes

from the sneaky dept

The only remaining part of the domain debacle lawsuits is figuring out whether or not VeriSign is responsible for simply handing over the domain to someone else without getting official approval from the owner. While this may be the most high profile case of domain hijacking, it happens all the time. The real problem is that, so far, VeriSign has dodged all liability for transferring domains they shouldn’t. They claim that it’s not their problem if someone forges a domain transfer, and even have people agree (in the small print, of course) to limit VeriSign’s liability in the case that VeriSign screws up. Hopefully, the case will determine that VeriSign is responsible for such mistakes, and it will force them to finally get around to improving their process to prevent such things from happening.

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Comments on “VeriSign Dodges Fraud Messes”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Make it harder?

You’re kidding me, right? I spent over an hour on the phone with 5 different workers & supervisors just trying to change the dead email listed on my domain. I sent 6 faxes, a few of which were lost, a few of which didn’t have “adequate signatures”.

Verisign’s process is @#$@%@# already. I use Dotster and Godaddy now, and will never go back.

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