The Demise Of The Warchalkers

For all the hype that warchalking got, what ever happened to it? Some are saying that warchalking died an early death. While the idea seemed good, there were way too many problems with it. First of all, not that many people knew about it – and of those that did, not many had any interest in actually doing the chalking itself. Then, with the relative lack of hotspots at all, most people had no idea where to look for warchalking symbols. Generally speaking, if they were looking for WiFi access, they already knew where there was likely to be some. Some people are still interested in the idea, but it seems like more of a niche thing than the way that everyone will mark their access points. The article also points out that warchalkers may be breaking the law – though that seems like a bit of a stretch. Finally, it suggests that warchalkers, by wandering around at night, may put themselves at risk of being mugged. To be honest, I had no idea you were supposed to warchalk at night. I thought it could happen at any time.

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