Internet Sales Are Growing

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In case you thought that the usefulness of the internet and online shopping went away with the end of the dot com boom, it appears you are sadly mistaken. The latest studies show that e-commerce in many different categories is growing rapidly. The article linked here tries to determine who the “leading” player in many different e-commerce areas will be, but I wouldn’t put too much weight into their analysis, as it seems that many of these areas are still very much up for grabs. Meanwhile, over at the Wall Street Journal, someone has noticed that, despite the spectacular failure of Webvan, food sales online seem to be catching on, and even Amazon is expected to get into the business shortly. Once again, like so many things on the internet, the real results may be even bigger than was originally predicted… it just happens much slower.

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Comments on “Internet Sales Are Growing”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Food sales fraud

Knew a guy who ran a overnight seafood ecommerce shop that made money out of the gate. But after 5 months they shut it down – why? Fraud. People would order $1,100 worth of food, eat it, claim it was spoiled, cancel the charges on their credit card and the company was stuck with the loss. They had so many “problems” (even though there was nothing wrong with the shipping!) they hired a person to deal with them specifically. Then they just tossed it all in the tank, it was too much trouble.

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