U.K. Fears Camera Phones? Use By Pedophiles

from the fear-mongering dept

Joe Schmoe writes in with a story about folks in the UK being worried about camera phones being used by pedophiles and asks the question:
“I suggest this not so much for this particular article, but rather note a trend and to pose a question. What is it lately with the recently new and growing fear that all new tech will go pedo? GPS… Thumbdrives… Phonecams…” It’s true. As terrible as pedophilia is, this is a case where people are blaming the technology, and not the sick criminals who are the problem. Pedophilia is a crime. Use of a camera (or some other technology) shouldn’t be banned just because it can be used for criminal purposes.

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Comments on “U.K. Fears Camera Phones? Use By Pedophiles”

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anonymous says:


I wish a distinction were more often made in the media between ?paedophilia? and ?child sex killing.? After Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll (1832-1898) is the English author who is best known world-wide. Though a leading mathematician and Oxford academic of his day, Carroll not only wrote many stories with young girls like his ?Alice in wonderland? in mind. He also took photographs of such girls as scantily clad as he could arrange; he told his sister that he spent 50% of his waking hours planning, undertaking and reflecting upon his assignations with these girls; and he eventually proposed marriage to his long-standing favourite, Alice Liddell, when she was seventeen. (For reference, see: History Today 46, 5, 1996, ‘A picture of innocence’, Charles Townsend; and Observer, 8th March 1998, Natasha Walter.) (However, some represent Carroll more as an ephebophile, saying that his relatives played up his liaisons with under-14’s because 14 was in those days the age at which girls were first expected to excite sexual interest — http://www.thecore.nus.edu.sg/landow/victorian/carroll/dreamchild/dreamchild2.html.)

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