New Bill Injects FBI Into P2P Battle

from the when-do-they-go-after-jaywalkers dept

Howard Berman (the Democratic Congressman from Disney) has introduced a new bill that would basically let the entertainment industry pretend they were FBI agents in dealing with copyright questions. The plan calls for the FBI to develop a “warning” that includes the FBI symbol, that copyright holders could “issue” to anyone they thought was violating copyrights. So, if you’re an average person, and a document shows up with the FBI symbol on it, you’re going to assume that it’s coming from the FBI – which it isn’t. The bill also would require the FBI to get more active in enforcing copyright law. This is, once again, showing a bit of disconnect between what the government and its citizens think. Considering most people think that downloading music is no worse than jaywalking, it seems a bit beyond their wishes to have the FBI breaking down doors on music downloaders.

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Comments on “New Bill Injects FBI Into P2P Battle”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Stepping on the Tiger's tail

That’s a pretty different statement. Videos already show the FBI seal when issuing the standard warning message, but people know the FBI does not produce videos.

But just as a friendly warning, law enforcement does have special treatment in store for people who state or imply being one of them. It violates their sacred brotherhood.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Stepping on the Tiger's tail

Who are you warning?

Anyway, all videos have the FBI warning at the beginning. That’s different.

This is a special warning to send to those who are “suspected” of file trading. And it comes directly from the copyright holders *with* the FBI seal. If I received something directed at me, that included the FBI seal, I sure as hell would assume it was coming from the FBI.

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