Electronic Tax Filers Get To Slack Off

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Congress is working on a fairly creative way to encourage taxpayers to file their tax returns electronically. In the past few years the IRS has tried publicizing e-filings much more and also promising quicker returns to those who file online. However, the vast majority of people still file the paper forms – and many of them do so as the clock ticks down to midnight on April 15th. Now, however, Congress is working on some legislation that would change the deadline for tax returns to April 30th – but only if you file electronically. Considering the number of procrastinators out there, this really might push people towards e-filing. Not everyone is happy with the idea, though, saying that April 15th is so ingrained in our heads, that changing the date will cause problems. I also wonder if people will get upset, saying that this is an additional burden on the poor who don’t have computers and internet access at home. Some tax professionals have come up with alternate plan, saying that if you file online, you still need to file by April 15th – but can hold off sending in any payments until April 30th.

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Comments on “Electronic Tax Filers Get To Slack Off”

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2lazy2register says:

Re: Just say no

Why does the Government think that just because it is less costly for them to have taxpayers file electronically that the taxpayer has to pay more in order to file taxes. Do they think that they are just like private businesses that advertising to the consumer will convenience them that they have to pay more for the convenience of receiving less.
If the Government saves money with electronic filing, then they should not only pass this savings on to the taxpayer but give them some kind of POSITIVE incentive to do so.

Glenn says:

No Subject Given

For the first (as far as I know), Texas this year rolled out electonic car registration renewal. And they charge a convenience fee for this too!

What is it with government and backwards decisions? On one hand, it is forward looking to develop and roll out the technology; on the other hand, they aren’t doing such a great job of encouraging use!

hmmm, I wonder which hand is which… and whether the gov’t is a righty or lefty… doesn’t that translate into whether you are creative or analytical? Then again, maybe they’re just ambidextrous.

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