E-Mail Mob Takes Manhattan

This “meme” has been making the blog-rounds the last day or so, but knowing that many Techdirt Wireless readers don’t read many other blogs, I figured this story was definitely worth posting here. Some practical jokers in New York City took Howard Rheingold’s “Smart Mob” concept to the next level and actually created a “flash mob” in a Manhattan Macy’s. Around 200 people suddenly showed up and went to the ninth floor carpet department where they argued over whether or not (as a group) to buy a $10,000 carpet to be their “love rug” (they told the salesman that they all lived together in a warehouse). At the 10 minute mark, they decided (as a group) that they weren’t interested in the rug, and dispersed. While it sounds like this particular “event” didn’t involve wireless messaging, it’s not hard to realize how soon similar events will use wireless messaging – and how that will let them mobilize and change plans on the fly. While these particular gatherings seem more like performance art, it’s not hard to see how this could have a much larger social impact.

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