Seeing Through Walls

from the who-needs-walls? dept

dsg writes in with a link to this story about a company that has built a device to “see through walls”. It’s main purpose is to help rescuers in disaster zones find people who are buried under rubble. It’s basically a small radar system that can detect minute movements. Apparently, the device came about as a result of other research being done on putting radars on cars to prevent collisions. Both applications sound pretty useful to me.

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Comments on “Seeing Through Walls”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Ummm... yeah... it's called ultrawideband

While your tone could be friendlier, you do have a good point. We’ve written about UWB plenty of times before, and I should have been a bit more skeptical on this one. It’s unclear if the technology they’re using is actually UWB or something else. UWB has certainly had some issues in adoption and hasn’t really “been around for a while” in any working sense. Still, there are other, similar technologies out there to the one mentioned in this article.


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