How Intel Plans To Make A Wireless Everything

from the bold dept

Intel certainly has jumped on wireless in a big way with their Centrino push. However, the vision from CTO Pat Gelsinger goes well beyond that. He believes that their needs to be wireless everywhere – and you need to connect to it via an Intel chip. He’s been talking about this plan publicly, suggesting that Intel could build a single tiny chip that would offer WiFi, cellular, and Bluetooth radios, all combined. According to this article, others at Intel, including CEO Craig Barrett, weren’t so happy with the prediction, suggesting that it might be beyond Intel’s abilities to build. However, the early results of their research on promising, and they think they might be able to produce such chips by 2005. While this certainly sounds like it has some potential, there are a lot of risks as well. They’re basically betting on these three wireless technologies, which might not remain the three prominent options. However, this could help bring us closer to the world I described earlier, where your phone (or whatever device) simply found the best network to connect on, and made the connection for you.

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