Honda's New Crash Alert System

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For years people have been talking about building systems into cars that prevent them from getting into accidents. The idea is pretty straightforward: have a simple radar-like device that judges the distance to other objects, and if you’re too close for your speed, the system takes over to stop the car. Of course, whenever these systems were talked about, people would freak out at the idea of a computer taking over control of a car and applying the brakes. Clearly, if such a system malfunctioned, it could be even more dangerous. Honda is experimenting with a middle-of-the-road solution, which they call a “collision mitigation brake system”. Instead of fully stopping the car, it gently applies the brakes, while tightening the seat belt and possibly making a buzzing noise. The idea is more to alert the driver, and at least get the avoidance process started, rather than fully try to avoid the accident. I still wonder what happens in the case of a malfunction, but it certainly sounds like an interesting product. Of course, Toyota claims they offer something similar and no one is interested in buying it. Right now the plan is only to offer this product in Japan, but if it takes off, it will certainly spread around the world pretty quickly.

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Comments on “Honda's New Crash Alert System”

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Doug says:

Re: Not for when you're braking

Glenn, the way that I read it is that the Honda system comes on when you’re not braking, and frontal collision appears imminent. If you’re already hard on the brakes, it shouldn’t kick in. (The article says that Toyota’s system only works after you’ve already started braking, which seems to me to be considerably less useful.)

I guess my concern would be its reaction when someone changes into your lane about 3 inches in front of your car. Even if there is no difference in velocity between your car and the nutter ahead, I suspect that the system might engage due to the lack of following distance.

Israel says:

Car accident prevention in real time

In mine opinion a system that can stop a car accident must be an active one and must give an solution for every senario the driver would be. It’s not enough to alert the driver because the driver can be drunk or asleep. I have a plan of a system that can prevent passing on red trafficlights, prevent bypass on white line, prevent drunk driver to start the car, prevent over weight on a car aspecialy truks, prevent crosing a stop signpost without stoping, to stop the car when the driver makes to many mistakes or drunk or asleep. If only I had the money to build my plan I am sure many live will be saved.

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