Google Expands Content-Based Internet Ad Services

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When Google first launched their contextual advertising offering for content sites, I was surprised that it was only being offered to extremely high content sites. It seemed like something that would be incredibly easy to automate, such that any random person could add those ads to his or her site. Apparently, they were focused on the larger sites in order to test the technology out, because it looks like they’re expanding the offering to smaller sites. Of course, since the program launched, I’ve changed my mind somewhat on how useful contextual content ads are. I still believe that ads on search pages – when users are in “search mode” are much more likely to get clicks than on content pages, when people have already found what they’re looking for. Anyway, one odd thing in their policies page for this offering is that they claim that their ads cannot be used on “personal” pages. How do they define that? Considering the fact that they own blogger and already offer their ads on pages, I’m guessing that most blogs won’t be considered “personal” pages?

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Comments on “Google Expands Content-Based Internet Ad Services”

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supabeast says:

I like the google ads.

I actually *like* the Google advertising. I’ve started using it like the yellow pages, because it helps sift out the legitimate businesses from the dipshits running “work-at-home” scams with pretty web sites. It isn’t perfect, but it beats the hell out of trying to glean something useful from all of the old “web directories.”

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: I like the google ads.

Mike — what has factored into your (partial) change of heart?

It was a variety of reasons. I had some doubts in my mind after experimenting with them, and then comments from you and Andrew Anker’s comments at Ventureblog solidified the idea in my mind. I’ve been testing out various adwords, mostly for fun, and the clickthrough rates on the content-sites is phenomenally low. For some of the adwords, I knew that any content-based sites would be so not relevant that I turned those ads off for any non-search placements.

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