Personalization May Squash Internet Rumors

from the at-what-cost? dept

We just had an article about how companies counteract internet rumors, and here’s another one with some slightly different suggestions. This one says that since email rumors get passed around from one trusted party to another, the best way to combat the emails is to send myth-dispelling emails of your own. This way they get passed around through the same channels as the original rumors (or so the theory goes). Of course, I wonder at what point is there a risk of companies sending out anti-rumor spam? It may be useful if you can directly target those gullible folks who believe any emailed rumor, but how do you find these people? If the company just starts broadcasting their anti-rumor reports, they risk making a bigger deal over the issue.

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Comments on “Personalization May Squash Internet Rumors”

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Anonymous Coward says:

for every force there is an equal and opposite...

The internet is also the perfect place for revisionism, disinformation, propaganda, spin and just plain misinformed opinions.

In fact, I’d say that’s about 90% of what’s out there. It’s to the point where due dillignece can no longer be performed using the internet.

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