ISP Software Puts The Squeeze On Spam

from the yet-another-technique dept

Here is yet another anti-spam technique that’s about to launch, called SpamSquelcher. This one takes a very different methodology in trying to defeat spam. The technology is designed for ISPs to use – and it solves a very specific problem that they face: trying to make sure their servers stay up when deluged with spam (which is the very problem Barry Shein was complaining about in an article we posted earlier today). This spam system doesn’t identify or delete spam – it just slows down email delivery when the server is getting bombarded. Basically, it’s a way to protect against the “spam denial of service attack”. This keeps the servers up and running (even if the mail gets there a bit later). They’re hoping that this delay will harm spammers enough to get them to consider going away to a server that doesn’t “squelch” email, though, it’s also going to cause similar pains to any legitimate server owner whose machine is attacked by spammers.

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