Spam Pornographers Hijack Home Computers

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We’ve written about spammers who send out trojans to hijack personal computers to send their spam before, but now there’s a report coming out of the UK that they’ve discovered a porn spammer who did this on a very wide scale. The virus apparently was sent to over 1 million computers (though, it’s unclear how many actually were then infected by it). Of course, the report on this came from an anti-virus company, so (as history tells us) they’ve likely hyped up the actual results of this spamming-trojan. The article admits that most of the people who got it, promptly deleted it, but also says that 160,000 computers that sent out a virus this year also sent out spam. No matter what, this sort of activity shows just how far some spammers will go in their attempts to keep on spamming (and avoid getting caught).

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