Smart Airline Seat Detects Shifty Passengers

from the watch-how-you-sit dept

In the ongoing efforts to figure out ways to detect terrorists before they do anything bad on an airplane, one company has come up with a unique solution. Special sensors in every seat that determine whether or not you might be a terrorist. That’s right. If you move your butt around a little too much, flight attendants may be alerted to check up on you. For more practical purposes, the makers of the seat also point out that it can be useful to help prevent deep vein thrombosis, a condition you can get if you’re sitting without moving for too long. There are a few other interesting technologies the company is working on, such as automatically dimming your light if you fall asleep.

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Comments on “Smart Airline Seat Detects Shifty Passengers”

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Glenn says:

No Subject Given

Perfect, that’s all we need… to spend money installing antsy butt detectors. In every seat no less. It’s not like the major airlines are all on ther verge of bankruptcy or anything. So we’ll spend money on install, maintenance, seat replacements; and don’t forget fuel. Each pound of weight is incremental thousands of dollars of costs per year, per aircraft. And as a bonus, we’ll be sued for detaining all the 10 year old kids flying out there.

Oh, wait, but that’s right… the Feds will pick up the tab. And nobody will cry about airlines getting unfair subsidies or how the government is encouraging the dinasaurs to operate with an unviable business plan.

Okay, enuff with the soap box for today. Luckily Mike doesn’t find too many airline related technology stories. Adios.

nil-ram says:

Antsy butts

So, I’ll be labeled a terrorist because I have dark skin and a bad back and need to shift around a lot? (The pained look on my face won’t help, either, I suppose.) Thank you, John Ashcroft, why don’t you fly coach sometime?

They recommend that you walk around at least once an hour to prevent DVT. Can you imagine what your next flight would be like if everybody took that seriously?

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