Case Finally Over

from the years-and-years dept

The legal battles between Stephen Michael Cohen and Gary Kremen over who owns the domain have gone on way too long. The courts correctly determined that Cohen had stolen the domain from Kremen and ordered it back along with lots of money. Cohen hightailed it to Mexico where he began a series of increasingly bizarre appeals claiming (among other things) that the ruling to give up his earnings from was unconstitutional. All those appeals and odd legal arguments finally made their way to the Supreme Court where, today, the door slammed shut on Cohen saying they had no interest in hearing his case. Of course, Cohen will probably remain in hiding, and Kremen is unlikely to see any of the cash he is owed. In the meantime, though, we shouldn’t worry about a lack of news, as Kremen is still suing Verisign for letting Cohen steal the domain in the first place.

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