Microsoft's Smartphone Program Isn't Very

The struggles Microsoft has been having getting companies to accept their Smartphone OS have been well-documented here and in other places. Business 2.0 has just picked up on the story and provides a nice little summary of Microsoft’s troubles, and seems to assume that they’re going to continue. While I do think that companies in the wireless space are being much more careful around Microsoft, due to their reputation for chewing up and spitting out partners, one thing you learn in the tech business is that you should never count out Microsoft. One thing they are very good at is understanding why they screwed up and figuring out a way to come back much stronger. I would expect nothing less down the road from them in the mobile OS space as well. That ability, combined with boatloads of cash, will make it so that more and more companies will feel compelled to go with a Microsoft solution at some point.

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