Wi-Fi Is Boost, Not Bane, To Secure Networks

See if you can follow this logic from Intel’s CFO regarding the consistently overhyped “problems” associated with WiFi security. Intel CFO Andy Bryant is claiming that the security problems many people associate with WiFi actually help companies secure their systems. Here’s how the logic works: WiFi is becoming so commonplace that plenty of employees are setting them up with, or without, official approval. If they’re done without approval, then there’s no telling whether or not they’re securely set up. However, if upper management embraces the wireless networks, then they can make sure that they’re set up properly with the necessary security precautions. So, the proposition of have an insecure wireless network is actually forcing companies to make sure their networks are secure. The logic is a bit convoluted, and I don’t think the steps logically follow each other. By this logic, you should always pick the riskiest technologies, because they’re going to force you to be the most careful. The real point should be made that the “security” issue itself is overblown. However, if this argument leads to more companies figuring out ways to adopt officially WiFi, then I doubt it’s a bad way of looking at things.

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