… It's Back – And With It, The Bubble

from the break-out-your-hype-meters dept

Last year, we noted that, a company that was based 100% on hyping up the fact that it was founded by college kids, was amazingly still in business – though, it was changing business models every couple of weeks. Last we heard they had bought some digital telephony assets. At the time, I wondered why anyone would want to put’s name on anything, since it’s almost universally associated with dismal failure and dot com excess. Apparently, the folks still at the company don’t see it that way, and’s founder and chief hype-master is up to his old tricks and is now hyping the new company up to reporters. It sounds like a VoIP me-too play. Basically, it’s a Vonage-wannabe. However, Stephan Paternot sent out an email to reporters claiming that they’re one of the first in this space, and will soon let people cut their phone bills in half. At least this time around reporters are a bit more skeptical. This one points out Paternot’s “innate desire to embellish” and suggests this is a sign that “the bubble is back”.

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