Sony Unveils New Brand In Bid To Restore Image

from the you-restore-your-image-by-starting-again? dept

Sony is apparently worried that their “image” has been harmed. So what better way to repair a bad image, than to start all over again? Sony is getting ready to launch an entirely new brand, called Qualia, that will focus on the very high-end of the market. Of course, since Qualia is its own separate brand, I don’t see how it does very much to “restore Sony’s image”. It just eats away at their own brand on the high end. Of course, if someone is going to eat away at your marketshare, it might as be your own company, no matter what the brand is.

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Comments on “Sony Unveils New Brand In Bid To Restore Image”

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Tim (user link) says:


What a terrible name…”Qualia.” It really gives me more of a “wimpy” or “soft” feel moreso than something denoting “high-end consumer electronics.” Sort of like “Quantas” (fluffy animal branding) or “Quality” (vague metaphor).

I worked for a company that attempted to “change it’s brand” to one of these buzzwordy-nonwords. There were endless meetings, focus groups, and high-paid naming consultants, and what they came up with was a bland, meaningless, non-powerful non-word…strikingly similar to “Qualia.”

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